Tyvek Material: Senior studio offered the opportunity to explore new materials, combine processes, and delve further into prototyping our concepts to see what would work best. Much of the class research centered on the idea of “home away from home;” how do people feel more at ease and comforted despite being away from home? And how can this inspire new design? I went to an airport to see how people travel and what items they bring. Another more historical consideration I researched was war-time objects, specifically how things were re-designed for optomized utility as well as the additional objects soldiers held close to remind them of home. We read Alain de Botton’s philosopical reflection, The Art of Travel, where he explores what draws people to the sometimes joyous, other times arduous, experience of travel. In a very round about way, all of this research shaped my concept of a compactible light, but it took many failed prototypes to get there. I considered what makes me happy and comfortable and thought that most of all lighting and color are extremely important spacial elements that effect my mood. I wanted to develop the concept of a soft light made from a flexible material, one that could be bent and moulded to the form of the owner’s choice.

Design Objective: Design a compact, adjustable light using LED strips. Focus on creating interactive components, tactile materials, and personalized color and lighting effects.

Learning Objective: I explored new materials. While remaining focused on my design constraints as well as material constraints, I developed a process of screen printing personalized colors onto Tyvek. By creating a pattern as my guide, I stitched a coil for the LED strip to be housed in. The copper frame of the light allows you to adjust the lights focus in accordance to your need. 


small Ø 10 x H 8 in

large Ø 25 x H 20 in


Tyvek, sheer fabric, copper, LED light, fabric chord


small Yellow

large Red


Created in 2013