Wood Craft: The American Shakers established the most comprehensive utopian movement to ever take place in our country’s history. Their unwavering pragmatism defines the philosophy they applied to all aspects of life. For designers they played a large role in advancing production tools and processes. They found opportunities for more efficient construction methods that have notably shaped our modern world. It was through their peg railing system and minimal stool design that I came to the realization that I needed to see what a dual purpose guitar stand stool would look like. For this reason: the guitar as an instrument is not properly outfitted in most homes. A guitar is an object that begs to be held, played, enjoyed, yet many guitar owners constantly tuck them back into their cases. Sometimes this is simply because they don’t have the space, or the proper guitar stand. My design ensures a better relationship with your instrument through socially engaging furniture. Guitar in sight, guitar in mind – to sit requires you pick up the guitar – picking up the guitar is all it takes to begin playing the guitar. An object as a piece of furniture demands our attention and interaction. It suggests a level of care for the object and has the potential to change how we connect to it.

Design Objective: Design and create 3 identical stools based on the philosophy and production methods of the American Shakers. Its intent should be for a specific activity while being conscientious of joint type, construction steps, and use of tools to guarantee precise replication.

Learning Objective: With a focus on production methods and the development of product lines, I created a stool that can be easily duplicated. I considered the process by eliminating nonessential steps after trying a variety of tools and techniques to achieve the same goal. Ultimately I determined the best techniques for consistent production of my guitar stand/stool design. 


W 15 x D 20 x H 20 in


Solid ash, lap joints, mortise & tenon joints, leather cuffs, sinew string


Waxed ash, eggshell white leather cuffs

Created in 2014